Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)


MRD Supplement Issue: Global Change and the World’s Mountains

​MRD is pleased to announce the publication of a Supplement Issue containing keynote papers, a synthesis paper, and policy papers that emerged from the 2010 “Global Change and the World’s Mountains” conference, which took place in Perth, Scotland, from 26–30 September. The peer-reviewed keynote papers address issues ranging from mountains as a global common good to mountain communities’ alternative responses to economic globalization, a clearer understanding of mountain ecosystem services, and interactions between climate change, mountain hydrology, and water resources. The synthesis paper presents the results of intense pre-conference assessment of the abstracts and the systematic appraisal of all conference sessions in light of ICSU's five “Grand Challenges”. The two policy papers present an overview of past and present attempts to bring mountains into international processes such as the Rio conferences, and discuss future actions.

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