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Mountain Research and Development Vol 33 No 3: Water Governance in Mountains

MRD 33 3

​This focus issue of MRD contributes to the International Year of Water Cooperation by presenting knowledge about water governance in mountains—a topic that has received little attention, even though the key role of mountains in providing water for the world’s population is widely acknowledged.

MountainDevelopment papers investigate Peruvian communities’ struggles to maintain access to water in a state-dominated context; transboundary water management in a fragmented setting in the USA; water governance and its adaptive capacity in the Swiss Alps; and transdisciplinary knowledge production for water governance in the Swiss and Austrian Alps. Papers in the MountainResearch section analyze the adaptive capacity of water governance regimes in the Swiss Alps and the Chilean Andes; informal irrigation systems and their relation to national water management in Colombia; the feasibility of collaboratively governing a proposed Ramsar wetland in Ecuador; alpaca herders’ traditional irrigation systems in the Peruvian Andes; and post-Soviet collective management of hill irrigation systems in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Further articles examine the status and conservation of black-necked cranes in China, vegetation patterns on arid slopes in China, development dynamics in an urban coastal mountain area in Chile, and energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in the Hindu Kush–Himalayas.

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