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TV debate: Controversial commodities trading

Whether involving crude oil or grain, Switzerland is an important hub in the trade of commodities. But there is growing criticism of the companies linked to such trading. Professor of criminal law Mark Pieth and agronomist and geographer Stephan Rist  discussed the issues with Norbert Bischofberger on the Swiss TV programme “Sternstunde Philosophie” on Sunday, 23 June, from 11:00 to 11:55 am on channel SF1.

Switzerland-based international commodities companies are profiting around the world without giving a second thought to human rights, say certain NGOs. But the companies themselves claim to be upholding human rights voluntarily, even without outside pressure. How much transparency and regulation is needed in commodities trading? How important is it to Switzerland? And who owns the commodities in question?

Mark Pieth, professor at the University of Basel, and Stephan Rist, privatdozent at the University of Bern, offered answers to these controversial questions in discussion with Norbert Bischofberger.

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