Vision and Mission


We believe that knowledge is key to concrete progress towards sustainable development. In this respect development-oriented research plays a crucial role, as it promotes innovative thinking and mutual learning within and beyond the realm of science.

Mission and Goal

Our mission is to produce and share knowledge for sustainable development in cooperation with partners in the global North and South. Our goals are to understand the effects of global change on natural resources and people’s lives; develop and disseminate context-specific and multi-sectoral innovations; and, through education, promote learning for and from sustainable development.


We adhere to the values of inter- and intra-generational equity inherent in the common definition of sustainable development, while working towards progress in all three dimensions of sustainability – environmental, social, and economic. We support and build capacity through equal partnerships and intercultural respect. As an interdisciplinary research centre, we build on the commitment and specific capacity of all partners and on the additional value created through trust-based collaboration and mutual learning.