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empty bottles of pesticides

Researchers in Bolivia recommend reining in pesticides

In CDE’s project “Towards Food Sustainability”, scientists investigated the relationship between soya production and pesticide use in Bolivia. Their findings have led them to recommend urgent action to the Bolivian Ministry of Agriculture.


“The term climate change is a sedative”

How does language shape our perception of lanIn an interview, project leader Hugo Caviola discusses language and its role in sustainable development.dscapes and nature? The results of CDE’s research on this question have been published, and a follow-up project is already under way.


“Political polarization won’t help us progress on the 2030 Agenda”

CDE Director Peter Messerli on Switzerland’s Country Report 2018 on progress towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, on missed opportunities – but also on positive developments in sustainability issues in Switzerland.


Climate change and land grabbing: The example of the Mekong region

A CDE research project in the Mekong region shows how land grabbing and deforestation are linked, and why this matters for global efforts to address climate change.