Board, Members, Executive Committee, Heads of Impact Areas


Researchers with their own research group and areas of study within any University of Bern faculty may become members of CDE provided they jointly contribute significant competencies and programmes and carry out projects in collaboration with CDE. Staff members who are specified as belonging to these research groups (PhD students, postdoctoral researchers, research associates, and technical staff) are automatically considered members of CDE.

Affiliated professors are defined as professors employed by a given faculty who, in accordance with a separate mandate approved by the University Directorate, make contributions to CDE research and teaching within the relevant faculty. Affiliated professors work closely with CDE in all or in specifically chosen fields of activity and are automatically considered members of CDE.

As a rule, CDE membership is a precondition for utilising staff resources or materials furnished to CDE by the University Directorate.

The CDE Board chooses CDE members. After an application for membership is received, the CDE Board makes a final decision based on an overall assessment and consideration of the following criteria:

  • Research groups or areas of study with a proven track record of making contributions in regards to sustainable development and coping with global change, particularly in developing and transition countries but also in Switzerland and Europe
  • Research groups or areas of study which make a substantial contribution to one of CDE’s thematic focus areas
  • Participation in CDE’s teaching offerings in the field of sustainable development and/or within the International Graduate School (IGS) North-South