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1 February 2023

Working for land rights – with nuance, but a firm commitment

He has worked at CDE for 30 years and is one of the leading figures behind the global Land Matrix network. Shortly before his retirement, Markus Giger earned his doctorate with a dissertation. His is the story of a scientist who did not view himself as one for many years.

14 December 2022

“We show how Switzerland could boost sustainable trade”

How can we achieve sustainable food systems? Trade rules are a key lever to foster sustainable and diverse food systems, says Elisabeth Bürgi Bonanomi, senior legal expert at CDE. Together with a research team, she presents how corresponding rules could be designed in accordance with international law.

8 December 2022

“Diverse and regional nutrition makes us more resilient”

Crises also threaten the supply of food. Sabin Bieri and Theresa Tribaldos of CDE therefore call for a move away from standardized food production and processing. They say: “If agrobiodiversity declines massively and fewer and fewer crop varieties are cultivated globally – that’s dangerous.”

1 December 2022

“Indigenous knowledge can’t be kept in a museum”

Much is at stake at next week’s UN Biodiversity Conference COP15. CDE scientist Sarah-Lan Mathez-Stiefel, who has conducted research on biocultural diversity in the Andes, says: “If we want to conserve biodiversity, we need to understand its connections with local knowledge, values, and worldviews – and to tackle all of these dimensions together.”