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27 April 2023

“The EU handles research cooperation with Africa in a much more forward-looking way than Switzerland”

While the EU is boosting its research cooperation with Africa, Switzerland clings to old approaches. “The potential of countries in the global South isn’t recognized,” says Thomas Breu, Director of CDE. Yet now is when we urgently need more momentum to tackle global challenges and crises in concert.

4 April 2023

“Diversity is the key to decolonizing research”

North–South research collaboration is still largely determined by the power imbalance between the global North and South, as well as by colonial patterns. So, it’s high time to decolonize research. CDE scientist Ravaka Andriamihaja investigated the issues at stake for the Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries (KFPE).

23 February 2023

“Further loss of soil fertility and biodiversity will cause yields to decline”

In spring, the Swiss parliament will likely postpone the environmental and climate targets in agricultural policy. A scientific panel called for a very different course of action. Bettina Scharrer of CDE was one of the main authors of the relevant scientific report.

1 February 2023

Working for land rights – with nuance, but a firm commitment

He has worked at CDE for 30 years and is one of the leading figures behind the global Land Matrix network. Shortly before his retirement, Markus Giger earned his doctorate with a dissertation. His is the story of a scientist who did not view himself as one for many years.