Training and Capacity Development

GIS Training

Training is an important activity of CDE's Geoinformatics Unit, and is conducted along three main lines:

  • University training: CDE continually updates its contributions to university training in GIS and remote sensing at the University of Bern. The contents of lectures and exercises are drawn mainly from CDE experience gained through practical use of geo-information technology in projects in the South and East.
  • Theses and research: The focus of geo-information research at CDE is on natural resource management and sustainable regional development. Geo-information technology is applied and further developed with a view to helping to solve the challenges of sustainable development. Research is conducted at all scales, from local, field-based, and participatory approaches to regional and global models and decision support systems.
  • Training modules: CDE offers in-house and, primarily, in-situ software training courses on GIS, remote sensing, and GPS satellite surveying techniques. Training is project-specific, tailor-made, and aims to address the specific needs of partner institutions involved in natural resource management and sustainable regional development. Institutional capacity development and backstopping of training institutions is also provided.