Online International Bachelor & Master Summer School

The future is sustainable – it's in our hands!

Sustainable Development – ONLINE International Bachelor and Master Summer School: 23 27 August 2021

Centre for Development and Environment (CDE), University of Bern, Switzerland
3 ECTS-Credits


The Summer School is designed to enable students to build system- and transformative knowledge, and to develop their capacity to act in the face of complex challenges through trade-offs (especially between individual sustainability goals and dimensions), allowing them to actively engage in shaping a sustainable future.

Skills to advocate for social and ecological justice and well-being

The Summer School offers an opportunity to explore current knowledge on sustainable development. By examining various topics, such as inequality, education for sustainable development, sufficient lifestyle, sustainable land management and nonviolant communication, students will learn about different aspects of sustainable development and develop skills to advocate for social and ecological justice and well-being.

Experienced scientists will enable students to broaden and deepen their basic knowledge on the subject and will highlight the most important developments and challenges in the field. Participants will explore the interfaces between the different dimensions of sustainable development (ecology, economy and society) in its complexity and will have the opportunity to visit virtual real-life laboratories where they will learn how specific aspects of sustainable development can be implemented. 

Sustainable development from the local to the global scale

The Summer School entails peer-to-peer learning that is interactive and transformative. Further methods include keynote lectures, learning by good-practice examples and self-study. Through problem-based, interdisciplinary learning, students will be able to use their skills as potential future change agents to help find potential solutions to some important issues around sustainable development.

The Summer School examines sustainable development from the local to the global scale, exploring critical contemporary socio-environmental issues from multiple perspectives.