Elena Zepharovich

PhD Candidate

Sustainability Governance Cluster

+41 31 631 54 49
Elena Zepharovich
Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)
Universität Bern
Mittelstrasse 43
CH-3012 Bern

Areas of professional focus at CDE

  • Inequality-Environmental degradation nexus
  • Governance of Land and Natural Resources
  • Environmental Justice
  • Deforestation and Indigenous People’s rights


Further professional interests

  • Education for Sustainable Development

Field experience

Austria, Argentina


German, English, Spanish, French, Italian (Basic)

Ceddia M.G., Zepharovich E. (2017). Jevons paradox and the loss of natural habitat in the Argentinean Chaco: the impact of the Indigenous Communities' land titling and the Forest Law in the province of Salta. Land Use Policy

Ceddia M.G.; Christoploulos D.; Hernandez Y.; Zepharovich E (2017). Assessing adaptive capacity through governance networks: the elaboration of the flood risk management plan in Austria. Environmental Science and Policy 77: 140-146.

Hernandez Y; Ceddia M.G.; Christoploulos D.; Zepharovich E (2016). Prescriptive conflict prevention analysis: An application to the 2021 update of the Austrian flood risk management plan. Environmental Science& Policy 66: 299-309