Education for a sufficient lifestyle

The ever-greater use of natural resources – and related environmental and social problems – means that society requires a transformation towards more sustainability. To achieve this, we believe that a change in resource-intensive lifestyles in the global North towards sufficiency is necessary. In science and practice, the role of education for pan-societal transformation processes is currently under particular discussion.

The overall aim of the research project is to promote a transformation of values towards a sufficient lifestyle, through appropriate educational work. This is done at the conceptual level (by developing a didactic concept with implementation methods, “DiKomUm”) as well as at the practical level (by implementing selected lesson units). The key point is the connection between a sufficient lifestyle and a good life, which is made visible, experienced, reflected on, and put to discussion.

The project uses a qualitative research design. A “DiKomUm” is developed and validated by experts, and forms the basis for a) a lesson unit, which is carried out and evaluated as an elective module, and b) further training for teachers.

Project duration: 01.06.2017-31.05.2020