Global Land Programme

The Global Land Programme (GLP) is an interdisciplinary community of science and practice that promotes the study of land system changes as a cause, consequence, and solution to global change processes. The GLP works to create synergies among researchers and stakeholders and fosters co-design of solutions for sustaining people, ecologies, and landscapes.

CDE hosts the GLP’s International Programme Office

As of January 2016 the GLP International Programme Office is hosted by CDE. Dr. Peter Messerli, Professor and Director of the CDE, joined the GLP as Co-chair of the Scientific Steering Committee and Dr. Andreas Heinimann, CDE Senior Scientist, continues as member of the Scientific Steering Committee. Dr. Ariane de Bremond joined the CDE as senior scientist and GLP Executive Officer. In this new role supporting the largest research network in land system science, CDE is engaging with a wide variety of international land-related programmes, networks, and stakeholders throughout the global environmental change community.

Programme Activities

Programme Office responsibilities include supporting GLP’s worldwide networking activities; developing new working groups and research projects; synthesizing research; and organizing conferences and workshops to facilitate collaboration between community members, such as the GLP 3rd Open Science Meeting, to be held 2016 in Beijing. GLP is a core project of the Future Earth global research initiative.

Announcement GLP 4th Open Science Meeting, April 2019

Insights from the Third Open Science Meeting of the Global Land Programme, October 2016

Global Land Project