Oil palm plantations photographed by means of drones in Yebyu Township, Myanmar. Photo: OneMap Myanmar

CDE’s thematic foci

CDE research focuses on three key areas in the essential dimensions of sustainable development: land resources, socio-economic transitions, and sustainability governance. Each of the three thematic foci is addressed by a cluster comprising related projects as well as staff members. These clusters serve as theme-focused meeting grounds for CDE’s partners from research, policymaking, and development cooperation; at the same time, they anchor our research in specific scientific disciplines and communities. Across these disciplines we offer teaching and we engage in research on education for sustainable development.

Animals in the Ewaso Ng'iro River area in Kenya's semi-arid lowlands. Photo: Hanspeter Liniger, CDE

CDE’s key partner regions

In 2016, CDE ran activities with a regional or national focus in 46 countries worldwide. Key regions were East Africa, the Horn of Africa, mainland Southeast Asia (especially Laos and Myanmar), the central Andes, and Central Asia. Many of these projects and  programmes represent a long-term engagement.

Research highlights

Land Resources Cluster
Sustainability Governance Cluster
Education for Sustainable Development Cluster
Socio-Economic Transitions Cluster
Sustainability Governance Cluster