Prof. em. Dr. Urs Wiesmann

Institute of Geography, Integrative Geography

Postal Address
Prof. em. Dr. Urs Wiesmann
Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)
University of Bern
Mittelstrasse 43
CH-3012 Bern

Areas of professional focus at CDE

  • Human geography;
  • Sustainable regional development;
  • Natural resources management and global change particularly in developing and transition countries;
  • Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary methodology and its application in the context of development and environment


  • Head of the Swiss Development Cooperation SDC sponsored Eastern and Southern Africa Partnership Programme ESAPP (1999 -);
  • Scientific Coordinator of the UNESCO World Heritage Site 'Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn JAB' in the Swiss Alps (2002 -);
  • Head of Central Asian Mountain Partnership Programme CAMP (2000 -);
  • Regional Programme of SDC for the valorization of the biodiversity 'Bio Andes' (2006 -)

Further professional interests

  • Integrative geography;
  • Concepts of sustainable development;
  • Actor-orientation and peasantry;
  • Meso-scale challenge

Field experience

  • Europe: The Swiss Alps;
  • Eastern and Southern Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar, Ethiopia;
  • South East Asia: Laos, Vietnam;
  • Central Asia: Kyrgyzstan;
  • South Asia: India; Northern Africa: Morocco


German; English; French; some Swahili


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  • td-net Transdisciplinarity Network of the Swiss Academics;
  • IHDP International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environment Change, Swiss National Commission;
  • UNU GMPP Global Mountain Partnership Programme of United Nations University, Tokyo;
  • KFPE Swiss Commission for Research Partnerships with Developing Countries;
  • IGU Commission Mountain Geoecology and Sustainable Development; AMA African Mountains Association;
  • Aguasan;
  • Dt. Arbeitskreis Entwicklungstheorie, Tourismus (German Working Group on Development and Tourism);
  • Geographische Gesellschaft (Bernese Geographical Society)