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Effective decision-making and planning for sustainable, national development requires accurate data and information. In Myanmar, accessing this type of information is often difficult. CDE in Myanmar is working to solve this problem.

Shifting towards a more sustainable use of land resources

The online, open-access spatial data platform developed under the project compiles and makes available land data from various sources: It brings together data on land use, cover, and tenure, and combines them with participatory maps developed by local communities and crowdsourced public contributions.

By supporting these multiple parallel work streams and data sources, CDE in Myanmar highlights in a spatially explicit manner the multiple – and sometimes contradictory – claims on land that national governance mechanisms must address to shift towards more sustainable use of land resources.

Why create a “map” rather than a normal data set?

Rather than providing access to data only in spreadsheets or graphs, CDE in Myanmar enables a “spatial” presentation of data via its integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) platform. Users can view data visually across geographic areas, which makes it easier for them to identify patterns and trends. Maps are also a powerful tool for engagement and participation, as they can help people understand data in a more comprehensive way.

From data to maps

To achieve the objective of providing access to accurate information for sustainable development, CDE in Myanmar focuses on four areas of activity:

  1. Designing and expanding the online data platform, with emphasis on data consolidation and integration, accuracy, and user accessibility
  2. Strengthening technical and analytical capacities of civil society organizations, and research institutions.
  3. Generating knowledge for development through research and data analysis that inform decisions on key development challenges
  4. Supporting multistakeholder platforms and dialogues aimed at resolving complex land-related issues aiming at informing land governance reforms in the long term.


 Funding Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
 Duration 2015 - 2024
 Contact Glenn Hunt
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