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Mountain Research and Development (MRD) is the leading international scientific journal specifically devoted to sustainable development in the world’s mountains. By publishing peer-reviewed innovative research articles, MRD

  • offers a platform for pioneering mountain research from a wide range of disciplines that integrates civil-society knowledge
  • brings together insights from science, practice, and policy analysis
  • strengthens networks within and between science and practice, from development organizations to decision-makers in politics, business, and society

Mountain Research and Development appears four times a year and is open access. It is published by the International Mountain Society. The editorial team at the University of Bern’s Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) is supported by an international editorial board comprising renowned scientists and development experts.

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Migration and sustainable development in mountains

Mountains are frequently associated with outmigration. More recently, some mountain regions are seeing the opposite trend: in-migration. The latest issue of Mountain Research and Development looks at drivers, such as structural poverty, depopulation, and amenity migration. Papers analyse social, environmental, and economic implications of migration in mountains based on examples from four continents. Further topics are vegetation, wildfire observation, and hydro-sociology.

Mountain Research and Development, Volume 37, No 4