Mountain Research and Development

Yaks grazing on a summer pasture in the Pamir Mountains, Tajikistan

Mountain Research and Development (MRD) is the leading international scientific journal specifically devoted to sustainable development in the world’s mountains. By publishing peer-reviewed innovative research articles, MRD

  • offers a platform for pioneering mountain research from a wide range of disciplines that integrates civil-society knowledge
  • brings together insights from science, practice, and policy analysis
  • strengthens networks within and between science and practice, from development organizations to decision-makers in politics, business, and society

Mountain Research and Development appears four times a year and is open access. It is published by the International Mountain Society. The editorial team at the University of Bern’s Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) is supported by an international editorial board comprising renowned scientists and development experts.

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Current issues

Cover MRD 44_1

Pastoralism, migration and biodiversity, alpine summer farms

Read about pastoralism in Ladakh, links between migration and exotic plant species in the Andes, and the heterogeneity of alpine summer farms in Switzerland—and how all this relates to sustainable development.
Mountain Research and Development Vol 44, No 1

MRD 43_4 Cover

Restoring Mountain Systems for Social–Ecological Resilience

Articles in this focus issue examine puna grassland restoration in Peru, spring drying and revival in Nepal, large-scale landscape conservation in North America, and more.
Mountain Research and Development Vol 43, No 4

MRD 43_3 Cover

Highland–lowland linkages in Ethiopia and long-term socio-ecological research in the Maloti–Drakensberg

In this issue, read how highland–lowland linkages can support livelihood resilience in Ethiopia, and get to know Africa’s first alpine and transboundary long-term socio-ecological research site!
Mountain Research and Development Vol 43, No 3

MRD 43 Cover

Herd protection, a boost in visitors to a national park, and monitoring in the Andes

Why are farmers in the Italian Alps reluctant to protect their herds against wolves? What do increased visitor numbers post Covid-19 mean for protected area management? And how can monitoring efforts in the Andes best support resilience? This issue offers answers to these and other questions.
Mountain Research and Development Vol 43, No 2

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