sabinbieri's wire

Welcome to "sabinbieri's wire", where you’ll find regular musings – albeit at irregular intervals – about science, the world, and values, from the personal perspective of a sustainability scientist. Director of CDE, Sabin Bieri ponders the mundane and the astonishing, explores new paths to the sustainability transformation we so urgently need, and sizes up the challenges facing policymaking, society, the economy, and science. Scientific literature? No, it's thoughts in prose.


Conversation killer, Season 1, Episode 2

Christmas, poinsettias, and vertical farming, Season 1, Episode 1


Sabin Bieri

Sabin Bieri’s research focuses on inequality and poverty; global value chains and rural labour markets; work in a globalized world; the UN’s 2030 Agenda; and social and economic transformations towards sustainability. She’s Director of CDE and teaches within CDE’s study programmes and at international summer schools.