Pha Khao Lao: Documenting Agrobiodiversity in Laos

Pha Khao Lao is a website containing a wealth of data and information on agrobiodiversity in Laos. Not only does it offer technical and scientific information on key species and agricultural products, it is also richly illustrated with video stories on how various species are used throughout Lao society.

The platform, which takes its name – Pha Khao – from a type of low-standing table used in Laos for meals, aims to raise awareness in a broad audience about agrobiodiversity and how to preserve it. To support the objectives of information- and experience-sharing, the project team, supported by CDE, hosts workshops and exchange events.

Pha Khao Lao, which is mainly in Lao with some content available in English, was developed under The Agrobiodiversity Initiative (TABI). The platform is continuously updated and now includes more than 1,300 plant, animal, and fungi species. You can also find themed content containing recipes or how to make traditional instruments or ornaments.