charcoal briquettes in the suburbs of Dar es Salaam
Enabeling solutions that are adapted to local needs: Charcoal briquettes produced from farm residues in the suburbs of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Photo: Albrecht Ehrensperger

Transitioning to clean, affordable energy is crucial not only because of climate change and worsening resource scarcity. Indeed, current energy production models bear other immediate risks to people and the environment. But the needed transition is associated with diverse challenges: in the global South, millions of people rely on biomass – mainly wood and charcoal – to meet basic energy requirements. Industrialized countries, on the other hand, must increase their energy efficiency, reduce consumption, and end their use of fossil fuels and other unsustainable technologies.

CDE investigates the natural potential for biomass energy production in different regions. We combine this data with information on demand for various such energy sources and their possible impacts on the climate.