Student works

Here we publish selected student works from our study programmes (as of 2023). For PhD theses please consult this webpage.


By E. Boss, L. Häfeli, K. Huber, M. Kunz, S. Riedo in the study programme MSc Minor Sustainable Development

Reduction in working hours with the 4-day week model

The 4-day week is seen as a promising contribution to a socio-ecological transformation. What does the transformation from a 5-day week to a 4-day week look like in a concrete example? The qualitative work on reducing working hours provides information on transformation processes and opportunities for sustainable development. (in German)




By Yaiza Best in the study programme BSc Minor Sustainable Development

Fast vs. slow fashion: Different framings in advertisement

The (fast) fashion industry is not only held responsible for substantial environmental pollution but also social issues such as cheap labour and poor working conditions. This calls for a transition towards more sustainable consumption and production patterns in the fashion industry, making it an important area of action for sustainable development. However, with the increasing popularity of green marketing strategies, greenwashing has been found to impede consumers’ trust in green claims. Against this backdrop, this research project set out to analyse the discursive framing of green garments’ advertising.