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Well-being and ecology through more time?

What’s the impact of reduced working hours on hospital employees? A study by CDE researchers suggests that reducing working hours can be an effective way of at least partially easing the burden on staff and improving working conditions, thus addressing the shortage of skilled labour. More information in German

Master 's in Sustainability Transformations

New Master's in Sustainability Transformations

CDE is launching a new study programme. This cutting-edge MSc seeks to train students to become sustainability specialists. The programme starts in the autumn semester of 2024. Students from Switzerland and abroad can apply for a study place from mid-February. More information

Coffee landscape Colombia

Sustainable landscapes: How can the private sector contribute?

Pressures on landscapes driven by soaring global consumption call for innovative solutions to enable sustainability. This policy brief highlights the promise and challenges of landscape approaches involving the private sector and how to improve them. More information

CAS Sustainable Development

Knowledge – a key to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda

The Certificate of Advanced Studies on Sustainable Development provides participants with a solid basis in knowledge for sustainable development, offers space for reflection, and reveals tailored solutions for implementation. The next programme starts in March 2024. More information in German