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Moramanga mining site

Mining in Madagascar: more side effects than expected

A CDE research team in Madagascar has investigated the social and environmental impacts of mining, analysing deforestation and forest degradation over time and space. It turns out that the largest mine in Madagascar, Ambatovy, is having a far greater impact on the forest than previously reported – despite the company’s efforts to provide ecological compensation. More information

Laos by Astrid Zabel

Biodiversity impact investments in developing countries

The potential of impact investments in biodiversity hotspots of the global South is still largely untapped. This project aims to develop and market a "support package" provided by CDE in Bern and its regional office in Laos. The goal is to transform biodiversity conservation projects that lack funding into sustainable investment opportunities. More information

Chinwe Ifejika Speranza

“Small forests in West Africa are unique in their composition”

The potential of small forest patches to support biodiversity and climate protection is often underestimated – including in West Africa’s highly fragmented agricultural landscapes. The importance of such forests is now being highlighted by an ERC research project led by Chinwe Ifejika Speranza, professor at the University of Bern’s Institute of Geography and member of the CDE Board. More information

Traceability systems and landscape approaches for sustainable coffee trade

Based on coffee production and trade in Ethiopia, this new research project will show how regulations for deforestation-free supply chains can be designed to effectively promote socially, economically, and ecologically sustainable processes in producing countries. More information

High school students change agents for climate action

High school students practised being change agents for climate action

How does climate policy work? Young people are particularly affected by it, but they often feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the issues and political processes involved. In April, we visited Gymnasium Lerbermatt in Köniz and worked with students to change this. Politicians from Bern also joined in. More information in German

Supply chains

Forced-labour-free supply chains in Switzerland

The European Union (EU) plans a regulation to eradicate forced labour from supply chains feeding into its market. This would also affect Swiss businesses and their suppliers. This new project aims to create a knowledge base for the dialogue in Switzerland in anticipation of the proposed EU regulation. More information

Sarah-Lan Mathez-Stiefel by Per Tomas Kjaervic

“Indigenous knowledge can help design new paths to better futures”

Indigenous peoples manage and care for over one quarter of Earth’s land surface. Yet their perspectives remain insufficiently accounted for in debates on conservation of biodiversity and cultural landscapes. According to CDE researcher and ISE President Sarah-Lan Mathez-Stiefel, “this knowledge can make vital contributions to addressing our current planetary crises”. More information

Missing Dollars

“Missing Dollars” – a documentary on Illicit Financial Flows

Researchers from Switzerland, Ghana, and Laos – among them CDE scientists – engaged in a six-year research to study the Illicit financial flows (IFFs) associated with commodity trade mispricing and tax evasion. The Ghanaian filmmaker Fiifi Koomsom retraces this research collaboration in the documentary “Missing Dollars”. More information

Bernese Award for Environmental Research

Bernese Award for Environmental Research

Invitation to the award celebration on 20 March at the University of Bern. More information

Portada EC

Come y habla: A sensorial experience in Ecuador and Spain

Coffee Corner, Blog post. More information


Well-being and ecology through more time?

What’s the impact of reduced working hours on hospital employees? A study by CDE researchers suggests that reducing working hours can be an effective way of at least partially easing the burden on staff and improving working conditions, thus addressing the shortage of skilled labour. More information in German

Master 's in Sustainability Transformations

New Master's in Sustainability Transformations

CDE is launching a new study programme. This cutting-edge MSc seeks to train students to become sustainability specialists. The programme starts in the autumn semester of 2024. Students from Switzerland and abroad can apply for a study place from mid-February. More information

Coffee landscape Colombia

Sustainable landscapes: How can the private sector contribute?

Pressures on landscapes driven by soaring global consumption call for innovative solutions to enable sustainability. This policy brief highlights the promise and challenges of landscape approaches involving the private sector and how to improve them. More information

CAS Sustainable Development

Knowledge – a key to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda

The Certificate of Advanced Studies on Sustainable Development provides participants with a solid basis in knowledge for sustainable development, offers space for reflection, and reveals tailored solutions for implementation. The next programme starts in March 2024. More information in German