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News archive 2011

New book: When the granaries fill up

This publication is a capitalisation on thirty years of collaboration between the Rural Economy Institute responsible for agricultural research in Mali and the Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture. It covers the years 1979-2009 and collates the major achievements of the Agricultural Research Station of Cinzana, Mali and the extension project Capacity Building for Sustainable Agriculture. Read more

Lectures: transcultural management and governance in Latin America

Part of the SNSF-financed ProDoc Programme: an inter-disciplinary effort to contribute to the training of graduate students in the social sciences and in cultural studies through workshops, field research, and network building. The first three lectures on this theme will take place 1-2 December 2011 at the University of Bern. Read more

New book: Highlands and Drylands

A joint FAO/CDE publication – Highlands and Drylands. Mountains, a source of resilience in arid regions – examines one of the least-known environments in the world. Dryland mountains are of great strategic value to regional and global development – they provide 90% of the freshwater supply to surrounding dry lowlands – and yet they are often overlooked by decision- and policymakers. Read more

Mountain Research and Development Volume 31, Issue 3

Three papers in the newest issue of MRD focus on water resources and water management issues in the Indus Basin—one of the largest watersheds in the world, with well over 200 million people in the lower basin depending on the water from headwaters shared by China, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Read more

CDE annual report 2010

Available here for download is CDE’s first annual report since becoming an interdisciplinary research centre of the University of Bern. It outlines CDE’s new strategy, including six thematic clusters intended to guide activities in the coming years. Read more

A new "mosaics" approach to monitoring of swidden agriculture

Appearing in Applied Geography, this new publication by CDE researchers describes application of a new mosaics approach for monitoring and assessing the development and impact of swidden agriculture, a cultivation technique that is often blamed for deforestation. Read more

CDE takes part in “Researchers' Night”

On 23 September 2011, CDE took part in the annual Europe-wide “Researchers’ Night” (“Nacht der Forschung”) at the University of Bern. Highlights from CDE’s contribution included tents in which visitors could skype with CDE researchers in Laos and Kenya. Read more

What agriculture feeds the world?

Speakers debated this at an event organised by CDE and Swissaid on 21 September 2011. Read more

New book: Reshaping Rural Extension

Written by Ernst Gabathuler, Felicitas Bachmann, and Andreas Kläy, this book presents Learning for Sustainability (LforS) as an integrative, learning-oriented approach to rural extension. The approach encompasses stakeholder dialogues, knowledge management, and organisational development. Read more

New publication: Sustainable Land Management in Practice

Prepared by WOCAT, this new TerrAfrica publication presents promising SLM practices for sub-Saharan Africa based on evidence, practical experience, and representative case studies. Read more

Peter Messerli und Thomas Breu 2011

Neues Zentrum für Nachhaltigkeit an der Uni Bern

Forschung zur Nachhaltigkeit nimmt an der Universität Bern einen wichtigen Platz ein: Soeben wurde das Interdisziplinäre Zentrum für Nachhaltige Entwicklung und Umwelt (CDE) eröffnet. Erfahre mehr