Habilitationen und Dissertationen

Das CDE fördert akademische Laufbahnen und den akademischen Nachwuchs: In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Geographischen Institut der Universität Bern sowie weiteren Instituten und Partneruniversitäten werden am CDE Habilitationen und Dissertationsprojekte in nachhaltiger Entwicklung betreut. Weitere Informationen zum PhD-Programm: International Graduate School (IGS) North-South.


Andreas Heinimann

MSc in Environmental Science ETH Zurich; PhD in Integrative Geography and Sustainable Development University of Bern. Habilitation entitled: "Land Use Systems and Sustainable Development: Mesoscale Approaches in Land System Science”, 2017

Johanna Jacobi

MSc in Geography (minors: Biology and Social Anthropology); PhD in Geography. Habilitaiton entitled: "Transdisciplinary Pathways to Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems: Obstacles and opportunities for co‐creating knowledge and transformative action", 2019

Flurina Schneider

MSc in Geography (minors: law, botany, environmental protection); PhD in Integrative geography and sustainable development. Habilitation entitled “Transdisciplinary and Transformative Research for Sustainable Governance of Natural Resources: Towards Intra- and Intergenerational Justice”, 2016


Sandra Eckert

Sandra Eckert

Msc in Geography, University of Zurich; PhD in Geography, University of Zurich. Habilitation, working title: “ Remote sensing and geospatial technologies in Support of Sustainable Natural Resource Management“.

Christoph Oberlack

Prediploma (BSc equivalent) Economics, University of Osnabrück, Germany; Diploma (MSc equivalent) Economics, University of Münster, Germany; PhD in Economics, University of Freiburg, Germany. Habilitation, working title: “Governing telecoupled resource systems for environmental justice”

Julie G. Zähringer

BSc Biology, University of Zurich; MSc Environmental Sciences, ETH Zurich; PhD in Geography and Sustainable Development, University of Bern. Habilitation, working title: “Sustainable development of tropical landscapes at the interface between conservation, cash crop expansion, and subsistence agriculture – a land science approach”

PhD-Absolventinnen und –Absolventen ab 2019:


Helen Gambon

BA in Social Anthropology (University of Bern); MA in Anthropology of Transnationalism and the State (ATS) (University of Bern); PhD studies: Constitutionality processes and social-ecological dynamicsin the Pilón Lajas Indigenous Territory and Biosphere Reserve

Donia Mühlematter

Engineer in Agricultural Science (Carthage University); MSc in Drylands management and Combating Desertification (Carthage University); MSc in Integrated Drylands Management (Chinese Academy of Science); PhD in Desertification, Environment and Climate Change (Carthage University); PhD studies (University of Bern): Towards sustainable land management in degraded ecosystems: Assessments of land degradation and land management in northwest Tunisia

Heliodoro Ochoa

Bachelor in Geography (University of Guadalajara); Master in Regional Environmental and Development Studies (Ibero-American University Puebla); PhD studies: Struggling for sustainable water governance: Social conflicts and alternatives from the bottom up in Mexico

Elena Zepharovich

Bachelor in Development Studies (University of Vienna); Master in Sustainable Development, Management and Policy (MODUL University Vienna); PhD studies: Deforestation and Environmental Justice in the Argentinean Chaco


Achiba Gargule

BA in Land Economics (University of Nairobi); MA in International Political Economy (Newcastle University, UK). PhD Studies: Renewing disruption: the state, pastoralism discourses and development practices at the margins of Kenya 1965-2015.

Chantal Ingabire

Bachelor in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, National University of Rwanda; Master in Agribusiness Management and Trade, Kenyatta University; PhD in Agricultural Economics, Egerton University. PhD studies: Market participation and its impact on food security and rural employment among smallholder women farmers in Rwanda.