Exploring pricing models in cocoa value chains

Cocoa fruits
Cocoa fruits. Photo: andysartworks / shutterstock

The cocoa industry has long suffered from the problem of poverty among small-scale cocoa farmers. It has become an urgent issue for both producing countries and the industry to ensure that these farmers earn a living income.

Project goal

This project aims to foster peer learning and sharing of knowledge about pricing schemes targeting a living income in the cocoa value chain. The project will

  • take stock of cocoa pricing schemes aimed at contributing to a living income,
  • assess their relevance and soundness based on expert feedback,
  • promote a knowledge-sharing network of pricing innovators, and
  • disseminate results to multiple audiences in cocoa exporting and importing countries for knowledge-sharing and policy consideration.


By combining legal and economic analysis, the project will establish interactions and linkages between pricing arrangements at the micro (firm), meso (industry and supply chain), and macro (governmental) levels. The analysis will combine desk research, conceptual analysis, and analysis of empirical data from existing datasets. The research findings will be assessed and refined in the light of feedback from a sounding board of experts.

The project liaises with and builds on activities of CDE’s COMPASS project.

Info box
Funding Swiss Platform for Sustainable Cocoa (Peer Learning & Collaboration Grant facility)

Centre for Development and Environment (CDE)

Duration September 2023 – June 2025
Contact Dr. Irene Musselli

Prof. Dr. Christoph Oberlack

Samuel Brülisauer