Poverty and inequality

Beggar in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, in front of a luxury fashion boutique. Photo: Ulla Gaemperle


“Leave no one behind”: This call, formulated in the 2030 Agenda, is widely endorsed by the public and the scientific community. But the path to a world without poverty, in which resources and opportunities are more evenly distributed, is hotly debated. CDE shares the view that economic growth alone will not end global poverty. The question of distribution also arises for reasons of social cohesion in a globalized world. This, in turn, calls attention to the economic and trade systems of wealthier countries like Switzerland.

CDE views poverty as a variety of deficits – not just lack of income. Accordingly, our researchers explore the drivers and dynamics of poverty and inequality in each context. Together with various stakeholders, CDE researchers look for ways to increase the resilience of those affected by poverty and to expand the scope for action of vulnerable groups – thus contributing to poverty reduction and strengthening of democratic systems.